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Off-Site COVID-19 Testing Toolkit

Between June 8th and August 10, 2020, Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement and NRHI member and research partner, Qualidigm, conducted close to thirty interviews with leaders of off-site COVID-19 testing centers (OSCTCs) and public health departments across the United States to identify and disseminate current best practices for off-site testing.

Questions addressed access to testing among vulnerable populations, the alignment of OSCTCs with public health entities, community-based organizations, and other health systems to effectively address the testing needs, limitations, and opportunities across the population.

After extensive qualitative analysis, we developed this Off-Site Testing Toolkit, which includes fourteen major considerations, each with 7-10 sub-themes.

For convenience, consideration titles are clickable and link to individual sections in the toolkit.

* This toolkit is based on a project the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI) and NRHI research partner and member, Qualidigm, conducted between March and August 2020.