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How to Facilitate Community-Based Health Care Problem Solving – Alliant Health Solutions Spotlight

December 21, 2023

Written by Malik Chambers

Rooted in commitment to quality improvement, Alliant Health Solutions (AHS) is a leading provider of professional services, dedicated to enhancing the administration of health care programs and supporting vital health care initiatives to improve quality of care, equity, and outcomes. Their vision – Innovative People using Data-Driven Insights and Agile Processes and Tools – Making Health Care Better‘ echoes how AHS is rewriting the narrative of health care one community at a time. 

We spoke with the Alliant team to get some insights on how the organization tackles major barriers to health care delivery. Here is what we learned. 

Empowering Communities Facing Unique Health Challenges

AHS is profoundly committed to empowering communities grappling with unique challenges. Many of these areas are marked by supporting underserved populations, rural health care delivery landscapes, and health care needs that continue to burgeon local systems. AHS steps in not to just act as a health care improvement organization delivering hands-on technical assistance, but as a trusted partner that provides education, forges alliances with community coalitions, and establishes meaningful partnerships with stakeholders intimately connected to the local people in need. 

Targeted Quality Improvement Using Health Data Analysis

Equipped with valuable insights derived from data analysis and fueled by an adaptive approach, AHS goes above and beyond to pinpoint specific areas within communities that urgently demand quality improvement to address effectiveness, efficiency, economy, and quality of service delivery. Its methodology is nothing short of comprehensive, involving an expansive network of stakeholders, ranging from hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, and clinicians to quality improvement specialists, churches, and community centers. However, what truly distinguishes AHS is its unwavering commitment to collaboration. The organization excels in bringing together diverse stakeholders, sparking conversations and dialogues that resonate with the heart of the community. It’s through these discussions that powerful coalitions are born, dedicated to addressing multifaceted health care challenges and social determinants of health (SDOH) that the community faces daily.

Empowering Health Care Resilience: AHS’s Innovative Response to Hurricane Ida Through Technology and Collaboration

In August 2021, Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana and destroyed buildings while leaving thousands of people without electricity. The staff at AHS – which serves as the Medicare QIN-QIO for Louisiana – contacted health care facilities to help while providing daily updates to CMS about the situation on the ground. AHS staff had a unique tool to aid in their efforts: detailed, interactive maps of the health care facilities in the hurricane’s path.

Using Microsoft’s Power BI, AHS analysts swiftly created digital maps by merging Federal Emergency Management Agency data with Alliant’s CRM provider information. These maps, filterable by provider type, pinpointed facilities in the hurricane’s impact zones. AHS teams efficiently reached out to affected nursing homes, providing assistance, resources, and even securing food for staff ensuring continuous patient care in the aftermath of evacuation. This agile response exemplifies AHS’s adept use of technology in crisis management and community support.

Before the hurricane, AHS used the applications to develop interactive state maps and other visuals to display COVID-19 data as QIN-QIOs were deployed to support providers and communities during the pandemic. The rapid response to the hurricane emergency certainly demonstrates that AHS strives to evolve and enhance its technologies and processes to add value to the communities served. The same technologies and maps are also being used to target issues of disparities and underserved populations to improve health equity. 

AHS recognizes these challenges and works tirelessly to address them within the framework of its collaborative, community-driven approach. 

Taking a Clinical, Technological, and Customer-Focused Approach 

Operating at the intersection of clinical expertise and cutting-edge technology, AHS has an unwavering customer focus to meet providers and communities where they are on the quality improvement journey. AHS assists providers with high-quality, hands-on assistance in meeting their needs, and the health care quality and safety goals for patients served. AHS health care interventions are not just effective but built from empathy, using technology as an enabler to streamline processes and enhance accessibility. With the use of actionable data at the helm, this approach has minimized burden, improved equity and health literacy, and enabled person-centered care delivery.

Why Civitas? 

“Alliant appreciates the culture of continuous learning within Civitas Networks for Health. This collective commitment to ongoing education and growth underscores the organization’s dedication to staying at the forefront of health care innovation and best practices,” said Dr. Dennis L. White, AHS chief executive officer.  

Through this collaboration, AHS leveraged insights from Civitas’ Public Policy Briefing webinars as a valuable tool, aiding them in identifying collaborative opportunities with their HIE partners. Through our conversation with the Alliant team, it’s evident that AHS’s approach transcends traditional barriers to health care delivery. The organization’s focus on empowering communities facing unique challenges, employing targeted quality improvement through health data analysis, and adopting a clinical, technological, and customer-focused approach positions it as a dynamic force for positive change. 

AHS exemplifies a holistic and adaptive approach to health care, driven by a genuine desire to improve the well-being of communities. By addressing challenges with innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to ongoing learning, AHS not only redefines the health care narrative but also sets a commendable standard for organizations dedicated to making a positive impact on the health and lives of those they serve.  

For more information, make sure to visit the Alliant Health Solutions website.