October 13, 2021 News

Civitas Networks for Health Board Officers Announced

The Civitas Networks for Health Transition Board has named the following Board Officers:

Melissa Kotrys
Melissa Kotrys, Board Chair
Marc H. Bennett
Marc Bennett, Vice Board Chair
Ana English
Ana English, past Chair
Todd Rogow
Todd Rogow, Treasurer

The Civitas team is looking forward to shaping the future of the organization with such talented expert leaders. Our new organization, the result of two leadin national networks coming together, will bring about much needed change in health improvement and information exchange. We have a tremendous opportunity to scale regional solutions and to collectively drive meaningful transformation across the country.

“As we emerge from the pandemic, there is revived focus on the role of regional and statewide health information exchange and health improvement leaders to advance community health transformation in line with national goals for healthcare quality, cost, and equity,” notes interim CEO Lisa Bari.

Board chair Melissa Kotrys highlights, “We believe that, together, we can build a broader network to enhance and inform local, state, and federal health policy issues and private sector solutions which are built on data, best practices and trust.”

Vice Board Chair Marc Bennett remarks, “I’m thrilled to be joining Civitas Networks for Health as Vice Board Chair to help advance health care transformation. The coronavirus pandemic has accentuated the deep need for our health care system to evolve. It’s exciting to be a part of a new organization with a vision to innovate and have a broad impact on improving health care.”

Ana English, Past Board Chair draws attention to the expertise within the network and the importance of joining forces, “NRHI members have experience collecting and reporting on measures of healthcare quality and/or cost, designing initiatives to help healthcare providers and payers improve performance, and working directly with employers and other purchasers to push for value. SHIEC members have trusted data repositories, are experts in connectivity, and serve as problem solvers in their communities.”

Todd Rogow, Treasurer, reflects, “I feel a renewed energy and a sense of collectiveness as we come together to highlight our importance at national, regional, state and local community levels. This strengthens both our voice in D.C. and the value of our work in support of our communities.”

We hope you will join us in acknowledging our new board and officers and continue to share ways in which we can support your key areas of focus and work. Reach out with questions and ideas to