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Civitas Networks For Health

Civitas Networks for Health and the Gravity Project®

With generous support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), Civitas Networks for Health partnered with Gravity Project® leadership, Health Level Seven® (HL7®), and various Civitas members to facilitate the dissemination and implementation of Gravity Project standards through the end of 2023. Our efforts involved engaging with national, regional, and local community partners to gain insights from and provide support for the Gravity pilots work stream. Support for this project was provided by RWJF. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of the Foundation.

Partnership Resources

Co-Design Final Report

The report represents a significant advancement in the integration of health and social care. By engaging with social care providers from various sectors, the report uncovers the critical nuances of SDOH data standards and the challenges of social care provision. These insights emphasize the need for ongoing engagement from all sectors to navigate the complexities at the intersection of health and social care.


Collaboratives in Action: Session 1, December 5, 2023

Curious about how Civitas and Gravity Project partnered with our pilot sites on this RWJF-supported project? Watch our Collaboratives in Action webinar: “National Dissemination, Implementation, and Scale of Gravity Project Social Determinants of Health Data Standards and Interoperability to Advance Public Health Data.”

Collaboratives in Action: Session 2, December 12, 2023

Following session 1 of our Collaboratives in Action session discussing Civitas and Gravity’s partnership, tune into the second webinar discussing the team’s Co-Design meeting. In addition to experts at Civitas and Gravity Project, this meeting featured community-based organization leaders who weighed in on how to successfully implement Gravity data sharing standards at the local level.

Meet Our Pilot Sites

Bronx RHIO

The six New York State certified Health Information Exchanges (also known as Qualified Entities) and the New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC) are working together to implement statewide standards for the intake and handling of social risk data. During this process, the group is using Gravity Project terminology and coding standards to ensure consistent handling of social risk data across the state. 

University of Colorado Hospital

University of Colorado Hospital aims to improve its capture processes for social risk data, develop an equitable approach to resource referrals, and optimize the capacity of limited care management staff while expanding access to resources for patients. This data is also being used to inform the UCH community needs assessment to identify patient catchment areas with high social needs. 

MyHealth Access Network

MyHealth aims to offer standardized screening and referral for social needs at every site of care in Oklahoma using Gravity-vetted terminology. By evaluating and planning for needs based on standardized data, MyHealth and its multisectoral partners can work to improve health equity and utilization of screening across sectors.

Pima County Department of Public Health & Southwest Tribe

Pima County and the Southwest Tribe aim to initiate data exchange between the county and tribe within the State Communicable Disease Surveillance System. This work will support the tribe in data collection to inform procedures and policies that promote the health of the tribal community.

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