Member Webinar: Making Equity Efforts Work at the County Level

Thank you to all who were able to join us today as we heard from Civitas members KPI Ninja by Health Catalyst and Hawaii Health Information Exchange (Hawaii HIE) with a presentation on “Making Equity Efforts Work at the County Level.”


Webinar attendees learned of the many challenges that county officials, community-based organizations, and clinicians face as the difficulty of understanding population health trends under the lens of social vulnerabilities. There is valuable data within the HIE that when combined with data in repositories such as the CDC’s U.S. Census Data, can help officials pinpoint the communities and individuals of higher health risk.


The session explored how health data from the Hawaii HIE was combined with Social Vulnerability Index data to power up an analytics platform that is assisting the county of Hawaii to understand the current impact of disparities as well as evaluating how successful various programs and initiatives are at decreasing the impact of these disparities.


KPI Ninja by Health Catalyst is a strategic partner to Hawaii HIE in helping to meet the evolving interoperability and population health use cases and demonstrating the unique value of the HIE to the stakeholders within the state of Hawaii. At the educational event, we were able to hear additional details on the partnership and accomplishments of these Civitas members.

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