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Join us for Civitas Networks for Health 2024 Annual Conference

Bridging Data and Doing. Registration is open and sponsorship opportunities are available! Call for proposals to open at the end of April.

Civitas Members

Join our growing national network of local health innovators working to improve health data exchange and health improvement. As a mission and member-driven organization, contributions from Civitas’ members make our work possible!

Our Mission

Our Mission

To drive cross-sector, multistakeholder, and data-informed initiatives to improve health and health data exchange by:

Increasing collaboration and shared learning,

Providing thought leadership and technical expertise,

Educating public and private entities about the benefits, functions, and roles of Civitas' community, including All-Payer Claims Databases, Health Information Exchanges, Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives, and Quality Improvement Organizations, and the emerging Health Data Utility model.

Types of Membership

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  • Non-profit or governmental organization working to improve health care quality and value through programs of measurement, public reporting, health improvement, providing health information exchange services, or a combination of the above.
  • Members may hold designations including All Payer Claims Database (APCD), Health Information Exchange (HIE), Health Data Utility (HDU), Regional Health Improvement Collaborative (RHIC), or Quality Improvement Organization (QIO).
  • Committed to a multi-stakeholder governance model, which represents key constituents for the organization. For example, a multi-stakeholder governance model could be made up of health care payers and plans; provider organizations; employers or purchaser organizations, consumer and patient advocates; social services organizations; public health; and state and local government representatives. Each organization’s governance model should represent the needs of their communities.
  •  Active in a specific geographic region of the country (typically either a metropolitan region or state).
  • Organization with a mission supportive of Civitas’ mission to drive cross-sector, multi- stakeholder, and data-informed initiatives.
  •  Committed to improving health and health care in the US through multi-stakeholder collaboration.
  • Affiliate members represent the following types of entities:

– Legal business or governmental entity that has an HIE regulatory, coordination, or standards development role, or the organization is a single entity (private) HIE.

– Local or state/federal governmental agency focused on health improvement.

– Philanthropy, employer, industry, or trade association.

  •  Established business entitity providing products, services, and solutions for full and affiliate members.
  • Agree to recognize and follow Civitas’ rules regarding access to and use of collaborative tools, information, and member directory available to SB&T members. Prohibited behaviors and expected behaviors are outlined in Civitas’s code of conduct.

Value of Membership

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  • Opportunities to network with peers, like-minded organizations, and business partners.
  • Delivery of curated updates including relevant reports, resources, and policy briefings.
  • Federal representation of important policy efforts.
  • Access to Civitas’ Procurement Guide with our SB&T member’s technical solution offerings.
  • Regular engagement with a national network of peers and leaders.
  • Connections via regular in-person and virtual events.
  • Participation in multi-site workgroups and projects alongisde organizations in pursuit of common goals.
  • Tailored communications relevant to your interests.
  • Invitations to events hosted by other Civitas members.
  • Dissemination and promotion support for your initiatives, events, and priorities.
  • Promotion access to Civitas members through regular webinars.
  • Speaking opportunities at virtual events and at Civitas’ annual conference, depending on subject matter expertise.
  • Utilization of Civitas’ newsletter as a communications tool.
  • Access to Civitas’ exclusive member area with a member directory and member-only programming.
  • Invitations to join and participate in Civitas’ members-only workgroups, councils, and events.
  • Networking opportunities with full and affiliate members.
  • Silver sponsorship at the Annual Conference (valued at $12,000).

Civitas Networks for Health Membership Dues – FY2024

Member Tier



Tier 1 < $5M



Tier 2 $5M – $10M



Tier 3 $10M – $50M



Tier 4 > $50M



“What’s really been exciting for me is that I get to network with organizations that are different from [our Quality Improvement Organization] like Health Information Exchanges.”
– Stratis Health
“It’s clear that many health information organizations are trailblazing at the same time into uncharted territory, and it’s important for CCMCN to be a part of a national organization that understands the business models and strategies that we are working on.”
– Colorado Community Managed Care Network (CCMCN)

Blog > Member Spotlight


Civitas is proud to introduce new member healthKERI and its founding CEO, Jared Jeffery. After building a career in medical law, one medical diagnosis changed the trajectory of Jared’s life, leading him to devote his life to innovating the health cybersecurity landscape through his health care IT company, healthKERI. In a new interview with Civitas, Jared recounts his remarkable journey that began more than ten years ago.