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Regional innovation,
national impact.

Civitas Networks for Health is a national collaborative comprised of member organizations working to use health information exchange, health data, and multi-stakeholder, cross-sector approaches to improve health.


Health Data Utility Framework

In follow up to Civitas Networks for Health and Maryland Health Care Commission’s Health Data Utility Issue Brief, the goal is for the Framework to assist collaborators and entities within states in assessing their current readiness level, identifying next steps, and actioning or furthering implementation of Health Data Utilities.

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How States Promote and Govern HIEs and Engage Them to Support Public Health

This four-part research project was conducted by Civitas Networks For Health CEO Lisa Bari, alongside two industry thought leaders, in an effort to understand how states engage with their regional HIEs.

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Gravity Project Information Session

During the event, Gravity Project provided an overview of their work and accomplishments across the terminology, technical and pilot workstreams. Civitas introduced our collaboration with the Gravity Project on an Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-supported initiative to further the dissemination of their standards with a focus on public health and health equity.

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In the News

"Over the last 20 years, and increasingly in the last decade, a vast health data infrastructure has been built to meet the needs of key stakeholders and most importantly patients and communities. The network of state and regional health information exchanges (HIEs), community information exchanges, all-payer claims databases, regional health improvement collaboratives and emerging health data utilities house immense capabilities and serve as 'the last mile of interoperability.'"

- Lisa Bari, CEO, Civitas Networks for Health, Long-term HIT goals will need those now supporting 'the last mile' – February 2023


Today the Civitas network represents more than 160 member organizations and business partners moving and using data to improve health outcomes across the U.S.

Civitas Community Notes

Recapping the Civitas 2023 Annual Conference: The Bridge Between Data and Doing 

By: Lisa Bari and Jolie Ritzo, Photo Credit: Malik Chambers The Civitas 2023 Annual Conference, held in National Harbor, Maryland, […]

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